Make Your Own See Through Bag





Introduction: Make Your Own See Through Bag


-Sewing Machine (unless your good at hand sewing)
-1 yard of Clear Plastic Vinyl 
-White Heavy Duty Thread
- Needle to match your thread (for me I used a size 16 needle in my singer sewing machine)
-Sewing Pins

*Inspired by 1996 Hermes 'Security Kelly'*
hundreds of dollars bag for $5 bucks

Step 1: Cut Out Vinyl Pieces

The body, including the front flap, back, bottom, and front is all one piece that you will fold over on the yellow lines to create the shape of the bag.

-Measure and cut out all Vinyl pieces that you will be sewing.
     -Cut along the Black line


Step 2: Pin Your Bag Together

-Fold the largest piece along the yellow dotted lines shown in the previous step on the pattern.
-Line up the side pieces on each side as shown in picture.
-Use sewing pins to secure are create the body of your bag

When sewing vinyl you do not need to create a seam

Step 3: Sewing Tips

*I recommend practicing a few times on some scrap pieces

Sewing Vinyl can be tricky because it sticks to the presser foot to prevent this all you need is Scotch tape. Just cover the bottom of the foot with matte finish Scotch tape, but make sure to cut a whole to allow the needle and thread to pass through.

Make sure that you maximize your stitch length, the longer and farther apart your stitches are the better when sewing vinyl, otherwise the stitches could just rip a line in your vinyl if they are too close.

Sew slowly, Vinyl is a heavy fabric go easy on your sewing machine

Sew a straight line along all of the edges as close as possible, don't worry about getting too close though because you can just always just cut off any excess to make it look finished.

Step 4: Finish and Personalize

-Attach the handle with snaps or whatever you can find, there are probably many different attachables at your fabric store
-Cut of all excess, and threads to make it look clean
-Personalize with a little hand painted quote, picture, logo,
    and finish of with a snap or lock to keep the front flap closed 

Work your new one of a kind book bag, airport bag, every day bag, whatever you want!



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    5 Discussions

    Great tip on the scotch tape! I usually use two layers of tear-away tissue paper when sewing vinyl, but this is much simpler, and less wasteful.

    I use something similar to store all of my knitting projects, and a small version for travelling through airport security!

    1 reply

    Wow this was really helpful Thank you! Im excited to try it out

    Thanks for the tip! I will use this for sure. Hope your day shiines!

    Carrying your hemp products in a clear bag seems inadvisable...