Make Your Own Wooden Balisong Tranier!




I started to play the spy in tf2 a lot lately, so i had the sudden urge to make myself the butterfly knife, after surfing on this website, the several designs that i found were not what i expected, so i made my own from scratch

Step 1: Materials

First off, you'll need:

4x thin Popsicle sticks
1x thick Popsicle stick
Many x toothpicks

p.s. Measure the sticks before you buy to assure it is long and wide enough!

As a reference:
My "thin" Popsicle sticks were 1cm wide. 1mm thick, and 11.5 cm long
My "fat" Popsicle sticks were 2cm wide. 1mm thick, and 11.5 cm long

Step 2: Design

After taking the measurements, try and figure out how to bolt them together, for mine, i wanted to leave a gap between the two handles so that after i inserted the tang pin, the handles wouldn't be too far apart,
after some calculations, here are my schematic diagrams.

p.s don't forget to make the latch!

Step 3: Cut and Drill

Saw the fat stick into a reasonable length, then drill the marked holes with a 2mm wood drill bit, you should end up with the parts pictured in the diagram below

Step 4: Assemble (part One)

Get out your toothpicks and start cutting loads of 1cm bits, try putting one in the hole, OH NO! THE HOLE IS TOO LARGE!
Dont worry, this was intended, just get some of that tape and wrap it around the toothpick segment until you get a perfect fit, place this first pin in the tang hole.

Step 5: Assemble (part Two)

now we make the special pins that goes into the hinges, instead of just wrapping the whole toothpick with tape, we just wrap the two ends of the toothpick with tape, leaving a 1mm gap in the middle for the "blade" to swing around, forming a dumbbell shape.

make two of these and fit them through the other two holes in your fat stick, making sure that the blade is in the middle.

slowly ease on the handles from the two sides, sandwiching the blade in between.

repeat for the other handle

Step 6: Assemble (part Three)

now get two more segments of toothpicks and wrap them normally (wrap the whole thing) and do the same to the "latch end" of one of the handles, snip off a small rectangle bit off the unused piece of the fat stick, and glue it between the two thin ones to stop the handles from coming together.

for the other handle, instead of gluing the rectangle bit in between the layers, sandwich the latch the way the blade was sandwiched.

p.s try to look at the photos if you don't understand

Step 7: Enjoy!

Start learning tricks, this balisong is very light, which allows it to move very fast, however, this "lightness" also causes it to be bad for aerials .

P.s first instructable, please comment!!



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    48 Discussions

    I once tried to be a spy in an actual game of tf2. I ended up just cowering in a corner with my cloak and dagger hoping no one killed me.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    gah if u play spy u shall die iam pyro and havent beeen backstabbed nefore the pyros class heavys another story

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    your saying no spysicle has come and derped you to death on stairs? Not likely.

    (For me... im still a noob)


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    WOW, what a great guide. If you just don't want to build it yourself or if you want a really smooth functioning trainer, check out this review


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    Someone please make a video. I kinda don't understand


    9 years ago on Step 7

    i will put one on this i have made my on one but sweet

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    I live in hong kong, and no balisongs, so... i had to be resourceful...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    a real one can also cut you... so i wouldn't reccomend practicing with it until you think you're ready...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i didnt need practice when i held my first butterfly knife i instanly knew how to use it