Make Your Strike Fire 3x Better




This mod will help your strike fire by increasing just about every thing that can be moded on it.

Step 1:

All you will need is a nerf strike fire, a screw driver and 3 dimes.

Step 2:

so what you do is unscrew the gun (make sure you get the screws behind the guns cock loader.) Once its open it should look something like this.

Step 3:

Now take the spring out and stretch it so its bigger than before if you make to long this will be almost impossible.

Step 4:

Take the three dimes and spring and put them in the back of the gun like shown. then put the single shot barrel in back where it should be. Now comes the tricky part trying to get the other part of the gun to fit perfectly it really shouldnt be hard once you get it on hold it tight until you get a couple screws in. then get everything put back togather. 

Step 5:



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Don't stretch your spring!!! It adds strength at first but the tension is messed up and it losses power quickly. Instead try adding a stronger spring with the stock one.

    F1R5T P05T!!!!