Make Your Very Own Guitar Hero / Band Hero Guitar Faceplate




Introduction: Make Your Very Own Guitar Hero / Band Hero Guitar Faceplate

Do you want to make your own faceplate for your GH 4/5/BH guitar?

You don't need to buy expensive official faceplates, you can make some on your own!

It's easy and almost everyone can do it!

(Kids, ask parents for help with cutting :D)

Step 1: Let's Start!

So, you'll need tools which are in this picture:

- Original faceplate taken off your guitar controller
(you have to unlock the lock on back side of guitar and also take off guitar's neck)

- Cardboard (approx. 2 mm)

- Pencil

- Sharp knife or scissors to cut shape of faceplate off the cardboard

- Glue to paste your new faceplate on cardboard shape

Step 2: Drawin'

Grab a faceplate, put in on cardboard and draw the shape of faceplate.

You can stick the faceplate with paper tape to avoid moving (for accurate holes) - I don't have any, so I used transparent tape

Step 3: Cuttin'

Grab a sharp knife (or scissors) and cut the shape off cardboard (you can cut inner holes later, when you stick your art on it)

Step 4: The Shape

I hope you're more handy, than I am and you get these shapes indistinguishable from original :D

Step 5: The Faceplate

I made you a faceplate template (heh) so you can edit it in Photoshop, GIMP or which software you're using for graphics, to edit it on your own as you wish! 

BTW look at the pickguard, it's different from original one, it's more Strat-like :D

If you want to, there are my templates:

Without pickguard:

With pickguard:

PSD Template
(with some of my own designs):

Step 6: Sticking Your Design

As soon as you print or even draw your dream-design, you can cut it and paste on cardboard.

Easiest way to print it is opening picture in MS Paint, set 1 x 2 pages and set borders 42 mm.

(If your printer can't print without borders, you have to set borders on both sides, so you can set (for example) 15 mm on the left and 27 mm on the right)

This is for A4 paper.

Step 7: Almost Done!

I recommend you to put your faceplate (wet by glue) on the table (or some flat place) and press it with stack of books.

You should use some newspaper or something, especially if you used liquid glue, and put it between faceplate and books.

Step 8: Done! Let's Rock!

Voilà! There is final product! Lookin' good? I think so! :D

Just put your new faceplate on its place and put your neck back.
If you're worried about falling the faceplate, you can use some tape to hold it in its place.
Also, if you want to, you can use some plastic self-adhesive foil to protect your faceplate against coffee stains etc... (and it shines! :D)

So, that's it! I hope you like it and you're happy with your new design!

Happy playing of your Guitar Hero, Band Hero, Rock Band or FoFiX :D

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    3 Discussions


    5 months ago

    Hi, excellent tutorial, i was searching something like this for all the internet, i do the guitar hero metallica faceplate with some images, so now i can paste this to my guitar, thankyou again and here is the link with the psd that you provide with my guitar hero metallica faceplate, greetings :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Or you could tape paper to the original faceplate, then draw or print out a design, so you could rip off the paper when you are sick of it. I think that is easier then the cardboard. But make sure to do a double layer so the original faceplate doesn't show through.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can, of course, but if you want to switch your faceplate sometimes and don't want to "destroy" the original design, here is the way... :)