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While browsing the internets recently, I found an amazing project by ryuji nakamura. A tiny house, cut and folded from paper, that you place over your webcam... that magically turns you into a giant.

This was my first ever attempt at papercrafting, not to mention designing one all by myself, so the project took all of three work days and a ton of prototypes... BUT HERE WE ARE!

Special thanks to PenfoldPlant for showing me Inkscape and saving me (and you!) from less than perfect hand drawn scans, and to SHIFT! for giving me papercrafting advice.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • pdf of papercraft, included below.
  • cardstock or other heavy paper in white
  • craft knife with a sharp blade
  • ruler to help you cut very straight (optional)
  • glue and/or tape

Step 2: Cut It Out!

Take your time, making sure to get as much of the outside grey off as you can. Keep your lines are straight as possible! It'll make the finished product so much nicer.

Cut around the outside of the house and roof first, and then head back in and do the windows. Be very careful about the panes - one wrong slice and you could sever them. Cut on the outside of the window squares to get as much of the grey to disappear as possible. :)

Step 3: Folding, Part 1.

Leave you paper visible lines up. You'll start your folding on the right hand side. Make sure to crease the folds well with your fingernail.

Fold over the three tabs as shown in the first photo, and then the two tiny tabs on top. Then you'll fold over the end piece, using the crease on the left bottom tab and the end of the roof as your guidelines.

Finally, fold up the bottom piece with tabs on both sides so that you're left with a nice clean line.

Step 4: Folding, Part 2.

Now you're going to be working on the middle of the house.

Fold over the tabs on the piece hanging off the bottom, and then fold the entire piece up. Also fold the two tiny tabs at the very top of the roof.

Now, you'll make the folds for the very front of the building. Using the folded over bottom as a guide, fold in both wings of the house, one at a time, so that you end up with creases as shown in the third picture.

Step 5: Gluing!

You can also use tape, but I think it makes it look a little messy. I did it on some of the prototypes out of sheer laziness. :)

First, fold over the right edge so and fold up the bottom half so you create two walls. Apply glue to the flaps and glue the back of the house into place. Line the edges up as well as you can.

Then, fold over the middle of the house and bring the middle flap up and glue it along the bottom of the house.

It's also good to secure the two top flaps on the back of the house together with a bit of glue.

Once the bottom layer is in place, apply glue to all the flaps that remain on the top, fold the other side of the house down, and press it into place. Then glue on the roof! :D

Step 6: What Your Finished House Will Look Like:

The original creator added a really tiny dining set... but as I am obviously not very good at papercrafts I passed on that. ;)

Feel free to add some swanky inside touches if you want.

Step 7: Attach to Computer and Terrorize the Internets.

Depending on your webcam, your house will look different according on the depth you attach it. Try to attach it so that you get the side windows in clear view. I feel that it looks best that way and feels more like a room. Scotch or masking tape work wonderfully for this. :)

The last photo shows how I ended up attaching it.

Channel your inner Godzilla and get going. The Scoochmaroo Fashion Doll and I did just that.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool.

    That gives me an idea. Take a picture of my room including the window. Print that out, cut out the window pane, then put direct lighting or natural lighting shining in through the fake window. Freaky.

    To keep the perspective right, I'd need to take a picture of each wall individually plus a picture of the floor. Then I take those images and combine them into a single image for printing.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is so cool!!! I would make one if i had a web cam =/. But when i looked the that link and saw that table that really seals the deal. I wonder if like the things they put on pizza so the lid does not touch it would look to scale inside your webcam-house. (I will post a pic of one of those pizza things)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great first papercraft Jessy!  Hope you don't mind, but after finding some spare blue construction paper I made a few adjustments to your pattern just to make the whole thing seem a bit more....Whovian. TARDIS Paper House

    Tardis on Rovio


    3 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    now you just have to make the inside look bigger than the outside! :-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i think you need to put some details like furniture and some texture. and a background picture of lets say lake or city would make it more believable


    7 years ago on Introduction

    really good, but what about coloring in the insides or summat? make it more..... real :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just a small tip here: Even an experienced papercrafter like me had a bit of trouble Xacto-Knifing the windows out. So kids- might want to ask your Mom or Dad's help on those!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fun! Great idea. Easy enough for even me to do. :-)

    YAY! I left a whole row of houses for you guys on Intern Island... so you know, feel free to have giant day or something. :D