Make:Heavy Duty Newspaper Rack

Introduction: Make:Heavy Duty Newspaper Rack

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Hello people....!Once again i am here with a new DIY Project.A News-Paper-Rack.Many times i forgot my things that where i putted my watch,DVDs,Cellphone and very important thing is MY BOOKS.You guys will it.I HOPE :) I wanted something that can hold all the components which i needed most, and there it is.....

I make homemade Heavy Duty Newspaper Rack.It can hold up to 10-12 kg weights or more than it. Well i think no one have done it yet. It's a great way to gather all your needed parts in one place, and it doesn't take a long time or cost a lot to make.  I think a bundle of newspaper would make it.

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Step 1: You'll Need

You Will Need:

-A Bunch Of News Paper.
5-Super Glue.
6-Glue Stick.

Step 2: Start Making by Rolling

Start Making The Sticks

Take a double sheet of News Paper and start rolling it from the right side of sheet of News Paper.If you will do it from bottom or from center it will be difficult and the stick will not be hard and it will not be able to lift up heavy weights.So i recommend you to start it from the corners.Then end it up to the far corner and add some glue to the far corner and paste it right there.

It's not the end you will have to make 250 or more for the Project.But guyz seriously you will LUV it.

Step 3: Make 250 or +

Make 250 or +.

Step 4: Start Building

Take 14 News Paper sticks which you have made before.Place 7 horizontally and 7 vertically.Because i have made 7X7 so i have to make all of them the same.It's up to you that how would you like to make it bigger or smaller or smarter.....

Don't forget to add same spaces ,like i have done 5x5 spaces, and glue it with super glue.I am using super glue because it dry faster than other glue.Finally cut up outer extra sticks, then you will have a square block or you can say it a single sheet.Make 20 of them.

Step 5: Join All Sheets

Adjust all sheets up and down and place all sheets together and add super glue to all joins.There you will have a rack.

Step 6: Making Cabins

You can make cabins by cutting a single or double line of sticks.If you don't them, then you have done your project.Add important thing you use the most.

Step 7: Finished

Add important things,you can also make a simple mobile charging stand by passing the wire through the spaces adjust your cell in the sticks.There you are.

Hope you guysss will like it.
Any Problem in this project ask me.You can also question about it.
Don't forget to comment.

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    6 years ago on Step 6

    Besides repulping newspapers I now have another way to repurpose them. My vote for this one for the unique way all those many visual aids flowed stepwise as the page opened..very helpful.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I was gonig to make a fort using this idea ,but can't get enough time do that.What do you think about it......