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Introduction: Makedo Mail Box

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Remember how exciting it was to receive your very own mail with your name on the front? Bring back this retro ritual by building a Makedo Mail Box using reclaimed cardboard and Makedo parts available at

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Step 1: Saw

To create the shape of your Mail Box, use the Makedo Safe-saw to cut an arch on the front and back panels of your box. Curve the side flaps over the arched cutouts as shown in the image.

Step 2: Build

Turn the box so that the arched flap is pointing towards you. Use the Makedo Safe-saw to cut a rectangular door in the center of the box. Connect with a Makedo Hinge, Re-pin and Re-clip at the fold to create a swinging motion.  We’ve also added another Makedo Re-pin as the door handle. This is where the mail will be retrieved.

Step 3: Connect

Using the Makedo Hinge on a right angle, connect the 2 arched flaps of the box to the sides to close the top completely.

Step 4: Saw

To create the slot opening for the mail to go through, cut a window in the front of your Mail Box with the bottom still connected so that the flap can swing freely.

Step 5: Cut

On a seperate sheet of cardboard, measure and cut a piece with folded panels that will cover the sides when the main flap swings open. We’ve created a small tab at the end of each side panel to keep the flap from opening too far.

Step 6: Connect

Position the cut and folded cardboard on the inside of the slot flap. Locate the tabs within the slot opening, so that they act as stoppers when the flap is open. Connect in place using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. We’ve used a Makedo Hinge as the handle.

Step 7: Decorate

Your Makedo Mail Box is almost complete. Decorate your Mail Box with graphics and text, and then get started on some letter writing. Who will you write to?

Step 8: Complete

Open the slot, and mail a letter for the Postman to collect. Be sure to check inside your letterbox at the end of the day, as there may be some surprises waiting for you as well!

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