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Introduction: Makedo Shadow Puppet Theatre

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May the torch be with you this Earth Hour.

Earth Hour 2012 is on Saturday 31st March at 8.30pm. Makedo are turning off the lights and joining the hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments around the world uniting to support the largest environmental event in history.

This year, we’re doing it Star Wars style with a lights out activity!

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with this very cool R2D2 Shadow Puppet Theatre. Turn out the lights and cross over to the dark side with Darth Vader, play out a lightsaber battle or seek out Yoda to begin Jedi training… all in an effort to restore balance as we switch off the lights for Earth Hour on March 31st.

Will you join us into the dark side this Earth Hour?

Follow through these easy step-by-step instructions to make your very own Shadow Puppet Theatre with character cut outs, designed by our Australian Master Maker Jenny Kan using Makedo parts available from Printable PDF download is available in Step 9.

Not a Star Wars fan? You can design your theatre and puppets to any shape or theme. How about entertaining your family with a Batman, Pokemon or even Dora the Explorer rendition? When the lights go out, the only limits are your imagination.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to share your Earth Hour adventures with us and upload your creation to our Maker of the Month competition.

Step 1: Saw

To create the form of R2D2, use the Makedo Safe-saw and cut a semicircle on the front and back flaps of the box.
The side flaps of the box won’t be used in this project so they can be removed.

Step 2: Punch

For the stage of the theatre, cut a rectangular window on the front of the box with a split in the middle. This will become the doors that open during puppet performances. Cut the swinging door and lock it open using Makedo Hinges, Re-pins and Re-clips.

Step 3: Saw & Connect

Create R2D2’s eye lens by cutting a circular window in the top section.
Connect transparent paper internally to cover the cut out window and eye lens using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. We have used baking paper to cover the windows which works a treat.

Step 4: Punch & Connect

To cap off the head of R2D2, connect a piece of cardboard using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips to either side of the box. The cardboard should curve and sit over the semicircle.

Step 5: Saw

To create a backstage for the theatre, simply cut out a rectangle on the rear of the box. This is where the performer will control the puppets from. Cut out a circle above your rectangle window. We will place the flashlight here in the final step.

Step 6: Punch & Connect

Now to decorate your creation! To make legs for R2D2, Use the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole on the side of the CD container. Connect the postal tube to the CD container with a Makedo Re-pin and Re-clip. Connect the paper pulp tray to the postal tube to create the foot.

Step 7: Connect

Attach a leg to each side of your R2D2 Puppet Theatre.

Step 8: Sketch

Here is the fun part! Decorate the front of R2D2 to give him that distinctive droid look. You can also decorate R2D2 using other reclaimed materials, attaching them to his body.

Step 9: Cut

Finally, cut characters out of thick card using the supplied template. Connect them to a drinking straw with Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips.
Now you are ready for your first show! Place a flashlight in the hole at the back and project onto the baking paper to begin your Shadow Puppet Show.
Instructions and character template are available to download in printable PDF format.

Don't forget to upload and share your Makedo creation.

May the Torch be with you for Earth Hour 2012.

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