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Introduction: Makedo Spinning Wind Catcher

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We love a cold, wet and windy day – because those are the best days to get together and Make-do!

Is it cold and windy where you are? If so, grab all the materials you can find in your recycle box and from around the home… and don’t forget your Makedo! Make yourself some room in the shed to start tinkering away because today the wind is your best friend.

Harness the power of the elements and watch as the wind sends your Makedo Wind Catcher spinning. We’ve made ours using a plastic bottle, paper plate, a lid, four paper cups and Makedo parts available from

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Step 1: Find

To make your Makedo Wind Catcher you will need to source paper cups, a paper plate and one large empty bottle. Don’t forget your Makedo Parts!

Step 2: Punch and Connect

To begin, use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole through the inside of the cup and the edge of the paper plate.
Use Makedo Re-clips to connect all four cups around the rim of the paper plate.
Ensure that all the cups are facing the same direction.

Step 3: Punch a Hole

Punch a hole in the lid of your bottle with the Makedo Safe-saw.

Step 4: Punch and Connect

For extra support, position a lid in the center of the plate. Punch a hole through both the lid and the paper plate.

Place a Makedo Re-pin in the punched hole.

Step 5: Connect and Share

Connect the plate to the lid of your bottle. Your Makedo Wind Catcher is now complete. Take it outside into the wind and watch it spin. You can fill the bottle with water to keep it standing upright.

Remember to share your creation at! We would love to see what you have made.

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