Makelangelo Robot Drawing Desk Build (formerly Known As Drawbot)

Introduction: Makelangelo Robot Drawing Desk Build (formerly Known As Drawbot)

This instructable will show you how to make a desk for your Makelangelo robot drawing machine.

While the Makelangelo is easy enough for anyone to use,it will most likely appeal to STEM teachers, Arduino fans, or as an entry into technology for anyone.
Having a designated desk makes it so much easier to include Makeangelo in your daily routine, especially a school routine. It always feels like I am working harder when the machine is also at work at the same time. If I choose not to use it, then the space is easily available as a regular computer station. (Before I had an easel which always seemed to be getting in the way.)

More details about the robot at or MarginallyClever.comRaising Robot Literacy! Be sure to notice that all the drawbot images are drawn with ONE line. THAT is cool. That's a robot drawing machine. More pictures at the end.

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Step 1: Materials for Desk

Pre-material List Discussion
Wheels- the wheels will determine the bottom. Mini wheels are fine inside the room. You'll need larger wheels to go over the expansion joints or elevator gaps.
Height- Doorways. Fire lights. Also desk height; will you match other counters?
Width- Where do you want to park it?

Be sure to check your local thrift shops for possible suitable desks. I was delighted to find one for my needs.

2 Desk brackets
Wood top, bottom and back (can be formica) 24" wide x 24" deep (or what ever size you choose)

The Verticals
2 1' x 2" x 3' (Horizontal- usually made from 1 1" x 2" x 6')
2 1"x 2" x 6' (Vertical)
Optional- 2 angled from 1" x 2" x 6'
1 24" x 48" whilte board or ply

My plan also calls for a mounting board for the stepper motors. (Horizontal piece)
1 1" x 2" x 4'
1 24" x 48" white board or ply (I cut mine to 16 inches wide for height reasons

Step 2: Assemble Table

Notch the table if possible for strength.
Put up verticals- Attach optional angle

Attach top support
Attach midway cross brace (See image- chose to mount this as a "shelf" so that the Arduino would have a comfortable place to rest.)

Stepper Motor Top- (Previously made drill holes for motor mounting)
4 holes have been drilled per stepper motor location (Keep as small and snug as possible.)
The 1" x 2" has been glued or screwed on
I chose to use a washer/bolt combination to attach the top. This allows the unit to be separated more easily for storage or travel.

Step 3: Assemble Machine and Troubleshoot

Be sure to allow time to make all the parts and connections work.
Start with the wheels and frame. I used wing nuts for portability.

Then move to the Makelangelo connections and code.
Many questions are answered here: or here:

Step 4: Use the Desk! Make Art With Makelangelo!

Make some art! Take it on a road trip!
You will likely have to make a schedule of when the Drawing machine can run. It will be popular with very good reason. You can feel good about teaching students about the coordinate system- X and Y.

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