Maker Space in Nashville TN

Introduction: Maker Space in Nashville TN

Hey everyone.
My big dream is to start a full featured maker space in Nashville Tn or somewhere close anyway.
The idea is to have a space where people can come make things. Anything. We'd have the machinery, tools, helpers and space, and all you'd have to do is bring your project and parts.
We could have a 3D printer if you need to prototype some things, or the bandsaw if you need to cut stuff. Need a lathe, or maybe a soldering iron, help building your latest arduino project, we'd have everything you need. We could even store scrapes and spare bits that people feel like leaving and you could use em in your next project.

We could have local schools make field trips here so that the kids can build stuff if they school cant afford to have their own machines and space. That would be awesome, teaching kids to make!

I know these places exist, as I've been to a couple when I went out west, but there never seems to be one where I live. So it's time to solve that issue.

Hope you all love the idea.

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