MakerYo: an Unresponsive YoYo for Everyone!




About: I like to tinker around with old electronics and see what I can make them do, other than the usual puff of smoke. I do Computer Repair, Networking and C# and C++ programming. Currently studying Computer Scie...

                        This is a Unresponsive Yoyo called MakerYo, It takes a size C bearing and once printed needs to be threaded for the axle and the response pads get added, then add the string and your all set! This is the first draft of this Yoyo and i am working on a responsive yoyo design for beginning yoyoers. If you wish to see a full project build of this then vote for it in the 3D Printing Contest and the Toy Contest! If it wins i will make more designs in Google Sketchup and AutoDesk. The 3D printer will let me prototype the yoyo's I design so that everyone will get the best print possible from your printer. The design is free to use and modify.

                        Thank you for viewing my project and vote for the project! expect more CAD models in the future in AutoDesk and Google Sketchup.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Off chance, could anyone upload an alternative file format for those of us without SketchUp?