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Introduction: Makeshift Food Can Lid

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Throw away your plastic re-washable lids, when you're lazy like me and dont care about tin poisoning you can instead be awesome!

This little mod is great for cans you'll use up in like a week.

Btw, tin poisoning only really occurs when you leave an open tin in the fridge for a few weeks with something acidic like pineapple. Please don't school me on open cans in the fridge, I just don't care. 

You will need:
a can
a can opener that doesn't leave the sharp edges 

Pic 1: Open tin
Pic 2: Wash lid
Pic 3: Make 4 10mm cuts into the top of the tin.
Pic 4: Turning the cleaned lid upside-down and starting at one of the cuts, work the lid over the tin.

At the finishing point you should be left with one cut. With your finger, push the tin so that one side of the cut crosses over to enable the lid to have a nice tight fit.

If you're not sure the lid is on properly, place your palm on the lid and rotate, you should be ale to feel if it's in place.(this will also help the other cuts to overlap each-other making it easy for next time.)

Pic 5: BOOM. 

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Perhaps you have this can opener confused with another? This can opener cuts the side of the can, meaning where the lid meets the can they are both the same diameter. I could be mistaken (quite easily), but are you suggesting is that the lid merely sits on top of the can? If in which case you are, i would not call this an air tight seal. While this may seem like a petty critism the idea of this instructable would not only serve to preserve freshness, but to also prevent spillage in the event of bumping as the lid is secured.
    That being said i greatly appreciate your feedback and you have prompted me to revisit my approach to this instructable. Please feel free to correct me if i have misunderstood you.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I believe the person was referring to the fact that most can openers have the blade on the inside part of the can lid facing vertically not horizontally. In the vertical case the can lid is slightly smaller in diameter than the can. In which case you could simply put the can lid directly inside the can on top of any unused food.

    I myself havent seen a can opener like this but I believe this is a viable solution to replacing a can in this situation :] Very good!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank-you for your clarification and appreciation. mad respect.


    One of the benefits of using the can opener you are using is you can just place the lid directly back on the can without modification. You really don't need to modify anything. It makes a much more airtight seal than the one you are trying to make.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    What is this sorcery!?

    I shall investigate tonight.