Makeshift RFID Badge Knife for Cutting Cheese

Introduction: Makeshift RFID Badge Knife for Cutting Cheese

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What's that you say? It's late at night and you're in the mood for a snack of cheese and crackers, but there's no knife at hand to cut the aforementioned cheese? Fear not!

It may sound strange, but an RFID style corporate security badge is exactly the ticket to rendering perfect slices of medium-hardness cheeses! Oh yes, in a pinch you *may* be able to make do with a measly credit card, but the thickness of the RFID badge makes a great rigid cutting surface.

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Step 1: Now It's Time to Cut the Cheese...

Get a nice two-handed grip on your access card and press firmly from both sides in a smooth cheese cutting motion. Watch that Fiscalini Cheddar form perfect slices for your delicious crackers!

Step 2: Snack Down.

As mentioned before, this works well for medium-hardness cheeses. That soft triple-cream Brie is definitely going to make a huge mess, and Mimolette or a nutty 5-year Gouda will probably just crumble at best or break your card at worst.

Step 3: Beware an Interstitial Cheese Intrusion!

Be extra careful to keep a firm grip on both sides of the card during the cut and try to use the middle of the long edge. As you can see in the picture above, our friend Parts Department managed to get cheese in between the actual access card and the laminated photo badge.

You definitely don't want to get stuck wearing a badge with a secret layer of stinky cheese around the office!

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    5 years ago

    Take a pair of scissors, part way open, use as a knife sharpener, draw the card edge through. It will give the edge will be sharpened for an easier cut.