Makeshift Seal of Frayed End of Paracord

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Quick hack to seal frayed paracord while out in the field.
1. Frayed paracord
2. Duct tape
3. Rubber band

Step 1: Duct Tape the End

1. Use a piece of duct tape to cover the frayed end of the paracord.
2. Be sure it is taped tight.

Step 2: Wrap With Rubber Band

1. Using the rubber band, wrap the paracord just below the duct tape.
2. If you don't have a rubber band or you don't have time, skip this step.

Step 3: Knot the Paracord

1. Make a knot the paracord just below the duct tape.
2. Pull the knot right.
3. If you did not use a rubber band, knot the paracord to just below the duct tape.



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