Makeup for Rainy Day

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Intro: Makeup for Rainy Day

How many times, have you gotten primped while stepping out on a rainy day? In seconds your hair may go frizzy or flat or your skin might become super shiny with mascara melting down on your face? To save you from such weird experiences, here is a quick rainy day make up steps for you.

Step 1: Apply Concealer

Apply concealer all around your eyes and then with the brush pat it gently.

Step 2: Dab Foundation

Dab foundation all over your face and then with a fluffy brush blend evenly all over.

Step 3: Apply Compact

Now apply compact so that the make up stays for longer time.

Step 4: Apply Eyeshadow

Now take bronze eye-shadow and sweep it over the eyelid.

Step 5: Take Shade Lighter

Now take a shade lighter and apply it on the brow bone area.

Step 6: Final Look

Now to highlight the cheek bones apply rouge. Now apply neutral shade lip gloss for that final look.

Looking fresh despite of sticky humidity is the foremost rule to look good on a rainy day. Hope these steps will keep you feeling sunny even in dreary days.



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