Valentines Day Makeup Look

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This look is perfect for valentines day. It is very natural, soft, pink and sexy. It is very simple to recreate and will show your date how beautiful you are.

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Step 1:

So first as always you need to apply a primer to your face and then your foundation. This is going to help you face look as flawless as possible. When applying your foundation make sure it is all blended and there are no harsh lines.

Step 2:

Then I go on and fill in my brows. You can do this any way you normally would as this is very personal to each person.

Step 3:

Then I go on and apply my concealer to the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead. I then blend this out with my beauty blender and apply a setting powder to help this last all day and helps prevent it from creasing. Then I apply a bronzing powder to my face to help shape it and not look so flat. I apply this to the cheek bones, around the forehead, jawline and nose. I then take my foundation brush and blend this all out to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 4:

No the face is done I then go onto the eyes. For this look I take a soft mauve colour and apply this to the crease of my eyes and keep blending until I am happy with it. Then with a darker mauve shimmer colour I apply this to the crease also and keep blending till there are no harsh lines. Then with a light pink shimmery colour I apply this to the lid of my eye. I then take a dark matte brown colour and apply this on the outer corner of my eye and blend this out into the crease of my eye. You can then go back and forth with these steps until you are happy with the look.

Step 5:

Then with a white shimmery colour I apply this to the brow bone. I then also used this as a highlighter. So I apply this to the tip of my nose and the highest points of my cheeks.

Step 6:

I then apply a white pencil to the waterline of my eyes to help keep them looking large and open. To finish of the eyes I apply my mascara and some very fluffy lashes to help all the focus be on your eyes.

Step 7:

Finally taking a soft light pink lipstick I apply this to my lips.

Now this look is complete and I do hope you like it. Also have a wonderful valentines day xx

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    2 years ago

    i like it


    3 years ago

    Very nice


    3 years ago

    Super Pretty!


    3 years ago

    Thanks for the ideas. May I just say that you look pretty even without the makeup.