Makeup Routine for Sun Burnt Skin



Introduction: Makeup Routine for Sun Burnt Skin

So maybe you've spent a little too much time in the sun and maybe you forgot to put on sunscreen. Now you're all burnt and feel icky. But you still wanna look nice the next day. Well there's a way to treat your sunburn and look great while doing it. Now if you're out in the sun all day on a daily basis, I would not recommend so much product (except the sunscreen and aloe vera gel part). This is more for those who went to the beach or lake on a Sunday but have to go back to the office Monday. Please watch the video to see how I apply makeup on sunburnt skin.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel 100% gel (Try to get a gel that is alcohol free to reduce irritation to the skin).

Equate Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen or any Broad Spectrum sunscreen of your choice.

Color Correcting Makeup or a good concealer.

The rest of your usual makeup products. You don't have to get the exact brands and products I used. But this is what I usually choose. (For a more detailed description of products read the description box in video).

Makeup Primer

Cream or liquid foundation

Face Powder






Makeup Setting Spray

Step 2: Start With a Clean Face.

Rub the aloe vera gel gently on your face. Wait for gel to dry.

Step 3: Apply Sunscreen to Your Face.

Instead of applying moisturizer, apply sunscreen which will both moisturize and add extra protection from harmful uv rays.

Step 4: Apply Primer on Your Face.

This helps your makeup last longer. In this video I used a too faced Hangoverx primer.

Step 5: Color Correcting/Conceal

Now before applying your foundation you can cover your dark spots and red spots. Using my color correcting palette I used the green shade to neutralize the redness on my cheeks (due to the sunburn) and the orange corrector to hide the dark circles under my eyes. Then using a damp sponge I blended everything out.

Step 6: Apply Foundation

Then I apply my foundation to my face. Now during the warmer months I like to buy a foundation that is one shade darker than my usual skin tone. This helps when you get tan and your regular foundation is too light.

Step 7: Apply Powder

Next apply setting powder on your face.

Step 8: Apply Eye Makeup

Apply eye makeup. I like to start off with my eyeshadow primer first. Then apply my base eyeshadow. Then I apply a transition colors into my crease. Then I apply a dark warm toned color on the outer eyelid and make sure everything is blended. Then I apply my eyeliner and mascara.

Step 9: Apply Lipstick

Apply your favorite lipstick. I chose something that would not make my lips feel too dry.

Step 10: Apply Setting Spray

Don't forget to apply setting spray. I lastly I applied my Marine Boosting Mist from Tarte cosmetics. It refreshes your face and keeps your makeup in place. And that's it!

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