Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Makeup Tutorial

when appying makeup my favorite part is the eyes because i can becreatvie with colors. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a regular day out makeup.

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Step 1: Materials Being Used

Primer is a thick substance that fills in pores to even out the face

Foundation is a liquid that is your skin tone that covers up any imperfections

Powder is a power that is your skin tone so it can set the foundation to have a smooth result

counter is a darker shade of powder or liquid to make the illusion of a slimmer face by applying it at the temples of your face and the hair line

Blush is a rose toned to make the face brighter by applying it at the cheeks and make the makeup look natural

Highlight is a glitter substance that u put at the main points of your face like the tip of your nose, the nose line , the cheek bones

Eyeshadow palette is a pallet that has many colors to put on the eye to make looks

Setting powder is a thick white powder that you put where u applied concealer to brighten up the face and user the counter to clean up the access off

Mascara is a black substance that u put on your eyelashes to make them look darker, longer and thicker

Concealer is a lighter color then your face to brighten up the face , you will apply this user the eyes and on the forehead

beauty blender is a sponge that u apply your foundation and any other liquid product you might use

Step 2: Cleanse Face

start off by washing your face having a clean face will make the makeup go smoother on the face

Step 3: Start Applying

Starting your makeup you start off by applying primer on your nose and your cheeks because that's where you have visible pores

Primer is a thick consistency to fill in the pores so your makeup can apply evenly and making it last longer throughout the day

Step 4: Apply Foundation

apply foundation all over your face,

then You grab your beauty blender and squeeze it under water until its damp enough so it won't suck up as much makeup

Then you dab the foundation on your face evenly with your beauty blender make sure you don't miss any sports and blent it down your neck to even out the color

Step 5: Concealer & Contour

After that you grab a concealer and apply it under your eyes , nose and forehead to brighten the center of your face.

You contour above your jawline to hallucinate that your face is slimmer

Step 6: Setting Powder & Eyebrows

Then you apply setting powder where you applied concealer and under the contour to just sharpen it up and clean up any extra makeup .

Then you fill in your eyebrows by drawing a line to outline how u want the eyebrows to look then fill in the inside of the lines and conceal to make them look cleaner

Step 7: Eye Lids

After this you conceal the eyelids and set it with powder to have a clear base.

You then apply whatever transition color to the crease of the eyelid,You add a medium color to the middle of the eyelid to start darkening the eyeshadow,You then add a darker color to put in the outer corner

After this you will cut a crease in the middle of the eye to make a holo eye look
To cut it you will use concealer.

Then you set it and put glitter on top Remember to put a lighter base and then go darker ( glitter)

After this you will curl your eyelashes and apply mascara

Set all of your makeup with setting spray and your done :)

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