Makey Makey Camera Extension

Do you hate that you t have a picture with your friends without having to be up close and personal?

Well look no further my friends. I am happy to introduce the MaKey MaKey extension cord for your computer. Take a picture with your friends on the computer without the cord in the picture and be at any distance you want to be.

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Step 1: Supplies

Aluminum foil

MaKey MaKey supplies

Computer with camera

Step 2: Aliminuim Foil Fold

Fold the Aluminum Foil to what seems convenient

Fold it vertically to make it long and thin three times

Fold it in half horizontally

Repeat process with another piece of Aluminum Foil

Step 3: MaKey MaKey Connections

Clip alligator clips to the earth and click slots

Connect other ends of alligator clips to the Aluminum Foil

Plug the USB cord end to the computer

Get to the camera software and have the mouse arrow hover over the picture button

Step 4: Tale the Picture!

Touch the two Aluminum Foil pieces at the same time and pose for the picture

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