Makey Makey Game Controller, Piano, Sound Effect All-in-One!



Create a LEGO Piano, Game Controller, and Sound Effects Machine with simple levers and bring it to life with a Makey Makey.

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Step 1: Intro to Project

Here are some of the things you can do with a few levers made with LEGOs and your Makey Makey

Step 2: Build the Base

  1. Pick a large LEGO square to build your base on.
  2. Collect six 1x2 brick, one 2x8 brick, two 2x2 brick, and one 1x8 flat lego.
  3. Assemble as seen in video.

Step 3: Make a Piano Key

  1. Collect the long 1x12 brick with holes, two sloped legos (see video), and one 1x2 thin LEGOs.
  2. View video for details on LEGOs and assembly.

Step 4: Make the Level

  1. Collect two 1x2 bricks with holes, two 1x2 bricks, one rod long enough to span the bricks, and 2 end legos (see video).
  2. Assemble as seen in video.

Step 5: Add Your Key

  1. Create the number of keys desired. I made 3 more.
  2. Assemble them onto the lever rod as seen in video.

Step 6: Add Weights to Lever

  1. Add weight to each key as seen in video.
  2. Test each key.
  3. Weight can be added as needed. If keys stick widen the brackets on the end.

Step 7: Add Aluminium Tape to Keys

  1. Detach keys and flip them over
  2. Cut small pieces of aluminium tape, one for each key
  3. Apply tape to the end edge of each key.

Step 8: Add Aluminium Tape to the Base

  1. Cut one narrow strip for each key
  2. Cut one piece for Earth that will hit each key. Example above is in the shape of a "U". Each end of the "U" spans across 2 keys.

Step 9: Assemble Tape

Assemble tape on base as seen in video.

Step 10: Arrange Alligator Clips

  1. Gather one alligator clip for each key and one for Earth
  2. Remove 2x8 brick
  3. Secure alligator clips under brick

Step 11: Clip All Alligator Clips

Clip all alligator clips to the aluminum tape

Step 12: Reassemble and Test It.

  1. Reassemble piano
  2. Open Piano app -
  3. Watch fully assembled piano

Step 13: Special Effect Piano - Various Sound

Here is a variation on the piano for sounds effects:

  1. Download Sound Plant -
  2. Add sound effect for each arrow key
  3. Design weights with the character of your sounds. In this one there is a bubble, fire crackle, boom, and hazard sound.

Step 14: Sound Effect Piano - Halloween Sounds

Here is a variation on the piano for sounds effects:

  1. Download Sound Plant -
  2. Add sound effect for each arrow key
  3. Design weights with the character of your sounds

Step 15:

Here is a variation on the piano for a game controller:

  1. Add special LEGOs to signify each direction. I used flags for left and right, then torches in normal and upside down position for up and down
  2. I used one of my favorite directional game Apple Worm -

Step 16: Literature Variant

  • Form groups
  • Each group make a different key with recorded sound for story prompt
  • Make a lego weight that give an idea of what the prompt might be about
  • Download Sound Plant -
  • Set a key for each recorded story prompt
  • When the key is pressed it will play the prompt and the kids take it from there

Add a little programming in scratch

  • have each key represent a different type of word - nouns, verb, adjective, adverb
  • record words for each
  • when key is pressed randomly play from the bank of word types

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