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Introduction: Makey Makey Paper Circuit Valentine Template

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Learn how to make a Valentine's paper circuit and test conductive materials!


Makey Makey Classic, Makey Makey Inventor Booster Kit, Conductive tape, LED, template

Step 1: Download and Print This Template!

Download this template, print it, and gather supplies. You'll need conductive tape and an LED for this project. You can use any conductive tape, but we used tape from our Inventor Booster Pack.

Educator Tip:

This would be a fun library or maker space activity to build or just for a quick testing. You can set them up ahead of time and let the testing be the activity. Or you can let students create the circuit and test the materials!

Step 2: Watch This Video

If you need help with your template, watch this video!

Step 3: Hook Up Makey Makey

Use a hook up wire in the back header and plug into "KEY OUT" as in picture 1.

Use an alligator clip to connect this header to your KEY OUT tape trace on the template. (The red alligator clip connected to the heart, is connected to KEY OUT on the Makey Makey) Connect the template to EARTH where indicated. (The grey alligator clip on the heart is connected to EARTH.)

Lastly, hook up any key press you would like for the "testing materials" tape trace that says "any key press." (We connected the red alligator clip from any key press to SPACE on the Makey Makey!) Make sure you connect EARTH for the testing materials tape trace too.

Plug your Makey Makey into the computer.

Use your finger to make sure the heart will light up when you touch both tape traces!

Now you are ready to test materials!

Step 4: Test Materials!

Try lots of different materials to see what will #makeymakey your heart light up!

Step 5: Extensions

Use Scratch to record fun Valentine sayings. You can create multiple recordings and use the "random" block to have them play randomly when your heart lights up!

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