Makey Makey Piano (also Will Learn How to Play Jingle Bells)

Introduction: Makey Makey Piano (also Will Learn How to Play Jingle Bells)

What is a Makey Makey?

It is a little board that has holes for Alligator Clips. The holes you can put the clips in are controls. One of the holes is used as the Earth. The person who holds the alligator clip in the Earth is the conductor. When the conductor touches a control, It works. If someone that is not holding the Earth touches a control, it will not work for them.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Makey Makey

  • 6 Alligator clips
  • USB cord
  • Computer
  • Optional: Paper Pencil Foil Play-Doh People
  • Other materials that conduct electricity

Step 2: Set Up

Hook an alligator clip to each of the arrows and the space. Hook the last clip to the earth. Plug the USB cord into your computer.

Step 3: Piano

Go to this website for the piano.

Step 4: Controls

Draw a piano in pencil then clip an alligator clip to each key you drew on the pencil marking. Hold the earth and touch one of the graphite keys. It should play a note. If you want to use water, you can put the alligator clips in a cup of water and hold the earth. Another Idea is to have people hold the alligator clips while you hold the earth and when you touch them it plays the note they were holding.

Step 5: How to Play Jingle Bells

Use these directions to play Jingle Bells.

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