Makey-ing Guacamole

Introduction: Makey-ing Guacamole

In this instructable, we'll show you how to play with your food with a Makey Makey before you go on to make deliciously perfect guacamole! We even provide a sample of the music we made in anticipation of guacamole.

This was created at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity using a Makey Makey provided by the Instructables Build Night program.

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Step 1: Gather Your Parts

Gather your parts.

You'll want to start with:

  • One Makey Makey kit (including USB connector & alligator clips)
  • The raw parts for avocado
    • Avocados
    • Onion
    • Jalapeno
    • Tomato
    • Lime
  • A copy of Soundplant 42
  • Sound samples (we used a festive drum & marimba sample)

You'll need enough alligator clips to connect to ground & one clip for each component of Guacamole attached to the Makey Makey for playing around.

Step 2: Connect Your Parts

  • Plug the Makey Makey into computer's USB port.
  • Embed one side of an alligator clip into the future guacamole component (ie, avocado) and the other side of an alligator clip to the Makey Board inputs.
  • Attach one alligator clip to the Makey Makey "Earth" strip and hold the other side of the alligator clip.
  • Launch Soundplant 42 & begin to manipulate the future guacamole to make festive noises.

Only the person holding the ground will be able to make guacamole music.

You may need to adjust the alligator clips to make good contact with the guacamole parts. We fully embedded the clips in the produce.

Step 3: Make Guacamole Music

One of our musically inclined makers contributed expertise to give us a an interpretive concert on Guacamole.

Step 4: Peel & Chop Avocados

Peel & chop two avocados and place into a bowl. Smash avocado with fork until partially mashed. Guacamole should remain "chunky".

Its easiest to first cut the avocados in half and then remove the pits by burying a knife in the pit to remove. Then peel the avocado and cube.

Step 5: Cut the Onions

Finely dice one half of a medium onion. Add to bowl with avocado.

Step 6: Cut the Jalapeno

Seed a jalapeno and discard the seeds. Finely dice the jalapeno - using half and reserving half to add additional heat (as desired). Add to bowl with avocado and onion mixture.

Step 7: Chop the Tomatoes

Roughly chop two tomatoes. If tomatoes are particularly juicy, leave the liquids behind (if possible) on the cutting board. Add the chopped tomatoes to the avocado, onion, and jalapeno mixture.

Step 8: Combine All the Parts & Add Lime

Stir all the parts well in the bowl. Squeeze a lime over the guacamole & add salt as desired.

Eat by sharing with friends while playing the Guacamole song you've just recorded.

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