MakeyMakey: Annoying Orange

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Funny way of using MakeyMakey connected to fruits. One more implementation, this time introduced by the famous "Annoying Orange".


Step 1: ​Gather Your Supplies

What you will need:

-1 fresh apple (sounds tasty)

-1 fresh orange (stay healthy)

-1 MakeyMakey Board

-4 alligator clips


-youtube to mp3 converter

-audio player

-knife (ALERT: parental advisory)

-crazy friends *optional

Step 2: Be Creative

Let your imagination run wild and free.
Use whatever you need to express your idea.

Step 3: Maybe Like This...

Step 4: Now the MakeyMakey...

Do the simplest connection possible. Connect the SPACE and the CLICK terminals to the annoying fruit by the alligator clips, which will initiate the playing of the audio records.

Step 5: Ground It, Baby

Use EARTH to ground yourself and the knife (not allowed for the children under the age of 15)

Disclaimer: The knife is for the FRUIT, remember.

Step 6: Audio

Unless you want to scream out loud for yourself, better use as your database for the mp3 files. <----- convert this one to mp3, cut it and annoy the hell out of everyone.

Step 7: Enjoy Your "masterpiece"

" Hey Apple "What" Knife- WAHAHAHA "



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