MakeyMakey Christmas Piano



In these steps you will learn how to make a makey makey piano.

Step 1: Getting Materials

First you need playdough, Makey Makey

kit, a computer with a piano or guitar game on it, and paper.

Step 2: Creating

Put the paper on the table. You make the

play dough into a buttons, then place it on the paper.

Step 3: Alligators

Connect the alligators you need to use to the makey makey. Then connect the other end to the play dough buttons.

Step 4: Power

Then connect one end of the power cord to

the computer. Next connect the other end to the Makey Makey.

Step 5: Testing

Test your makey makey piano. Make sure you are holding the Earth or it will not work.

Step 6: Playing

Next try playing a song like jingle bells or another song.



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