MakeyMakey - Easy Tutorial and How It Works! Making a Piano!

Introduction: MakeyMakey - Easy Tutorial and How It Works! Making a Piano!

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*Warning in advance* I took the pictures with my phone then took pictures of my phone with my computer, sorry in advance for the horrible photo quality :P

An introduction project to the MakeyMakey, along with how some of it works. Making a piano from the MakeyMakey.

Step 1: Choose a Game

First choose a game that can be played with arrow keys or space (you can choose other keys, but those are the ones we're working with in this tutorial). I made my own game on a coding website, Scratch. You press different keys to play different keys on the piano. If you want to play it, it's here:

Step 2: Board + Red Plug

Next, you're going to take the board in this picture. Flip it over, then plug it in with the RED PLUG. Once you've done that, leave it around for now.

Step 3: Earth Plug

Look at the board for where it says, "Earth". Take the GREY alligator clip and clip it to one of the areas underneath. Leave the other side of the clip untouched and unclipped.

Step 4: Piano Keys

Take a piece of aluminum foil and an alligator clip. Clip one end to the foil. On the board, there should be something that says "space". Clip it to that. This will be the piano key. You don't have to make as many as I did, I made five. I clipped the other ones to the arrow key areas on the board.

Step 5: Connect to Computer

Remember that RED plug from earlier? Plug it into your computer. You'll know it's connected when there's a red light on the other side of the board.

Step 6: How to Use + Why It Works

To make it play, you have to hold the other end of the GREY wire while also tapping the tinfoil. Whenever you tap a different tinfoil, it makes a different sound.

Easy explanation:

This is because when you're holding the GREY wire while not touching anything else, it's an open circuit, which is exactly what it sounds like. It isn't complete, so nothing happens. When you touch the up arrow tinfoil, the circuit becomes closed, which sends a signal to the board saying "Hey it's a closed circuit! Broadcast up arrow!", which then sends a signal to the computer saying, "Up arrow pressed! Play the C note on the piano!" which makes the computer play the C note.

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