MakeyMakey: How to Play Gravity Guy by Jumping

Introduction: MakeyMakey: How to Play Gravity Guy by Jumping

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Playing games in a traditional way with your keyboard or mouse can be really boring. To make a great system for group playing you only need a MaKey MaKey and a few wires, along with a bit of aluminum foil.

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Step 1: Making a Platform for Jumping

You simply need to cover 5 notebooks with aluminum foil and glue the foil to the notebook so it doesn't fall off. Next, you connect aligator clips to your platforms.

Step 2: Connecting the Platforms

Next you connect your platforms to the MaKey Makey to the slots for W, A, S, D. and space, because you need 5 buttons to play this game.

Step 3: Define the Platforms

The next step is to make 4 wires 2 meters long and leave a stripped part at the end to connect to your hand/finger. You also need to choose which platform is going to be for which player and button.

Step 4: Remap the MaKey MaKey

The last step is to tell the MaKey which buttons we want to use. Then you remap the buttons connected to platforms named Space, Q, X, P, M to represent those exact letters.

Step 5: Get Ready to Play

All a player needs to do to play is connect the wire to their hand and jump/tap on the platform with their feet.

Step 6: Play!

May the best jumper win.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea of creating your own forms of digital game play!