MakeyMakey NailBoard

Introduction: MakeyMakey NailBoard

Hello! My name is Brent.

I have made a project from a MakeyMakey kit. We have wired up nails that have been hammered into wood boards and made a platform. You can use your hands, to any object that is able to transport an electrical current!

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Step 1: Overview of Project

There are 6 nails present on the board. Each labeled on what command they complete. These nails have been completely hammered through the board and are sticking out the bottom of the board. The wires for the commands have each been connected to the nails. Though before you start, you need to connect a ground wire to the object that you will be using in order to circulate the electrical current. Then once you have connected the ground wire, you are ready to use your MakeyMakey project!

Step 2: How to Use

There are 4 nails that represent the 4 directional arrow keys. Each key will work when the circuit is able to flow through. This happens when you have the ground cable attached to an object that can transfer electrical current, then comes in contact with the the cable responsible for a certain action.

Step 3: Materials Needed

You need:

1) An average sized piece of wood

2) 6 nails long enough to go through plank of wood

3) OPTIONAL: 2 pieces of wood to raise platform off the ground + 6 screws to hold legs in place

4) Sharpie for writing

5) Measuring Tape, Hammer, and Power Drill

Step 4: How to Make

In order to make this board, you first need to take the plank of wood, then screw in the screws to hold the legs in place. Since the plank of wood is raised, measure, and then determine where the nails will be hammered into. Then hammer all 6 nails until the nails are sticking out the bottom of the board. Hook up the alligator clips to the nails that will cause each action to take place. But remember this project can be modified and change to your fitting!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool project! Do you use it to play games? Thanks for sharing and welcome to Instructables!