MakeyMakey+PlayDoh+Pac-Man=ENDLESS FUN MakerBar Hackerspace

Introduction: MakeyMakey+PlayDoh+Pac-Man=ENDLESS FUN MakerBar Hackerspace

The MakeyMakey emulates a keyboard and we’re going to use that functionality to play PacMan using the arrow keys normally found on a keyboard. But instead of a keyboard we will be using PlayDoh as our buttons for our controller.

Grab your MakeyMakey, some PlayDoh and let’s get stated…

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

Supplies Needed:

PlayDoh (enough to make 4 buttons)

MakeyMakey board

5-Banana Clips or wire (I used banana clips during testing)


Step 2: Make the PlayDoh Controller Buttons

Mold the buttons in any shape you would like, just remember to arrange them in a pattern that resembles the arrow keys on your keyboard. Also be careful not to allow the PlayDoh buttons to touch one another, this can cause a short circuit which would not be good for our gaming purposes. I used a piece of cardboard as a base, but you could use paper if you wanted to.

Step 3: Wire It Up & Attach the MakeyMakey

I pulled back the plastic on the banana clips and buried them into the PlayDoh buttons; I wanted to make sure I had good contact when playing. Make sure you have good contact with the PlayDoh and metal part of the clip. Connect the opposite end of the banana clips to the corresponding arrow keys. Up, Down, Left, Right. And the last banana clip will go to ground/earth… In total you should have 5 clips attached to your MakeyMakey board. Connect your MakeyMakey to your computer via the usb cable provided with your board.

Step 4: Load PacMan & Play for Endless Hours

Open up your web browser of choice and navigate to

Start your Game!!! That's it!

Remember to hold the ground clip in your other hand as you play to complete the circuit. Enjoy!

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    5 years ago

    Awesome project!!
    Nostalgia on all levels!!!!