Makin' a Cardboard Doghouse

Step 1: Find a Larrge Box

Cut flaps off top

Step 2: Cut the Door and Make the "Porch"

Draw an outline fora walk in door for yor dog amd cut it out let that flap fall and pick a leftover flap fron the last step & tape it like this

Step 3: Cut Windows

Find a blanket that fits the botom

Step 4: Im Adding a Little Decoration and Hanging Finger Weavings

Step 5: Thats All!

I hope ya'll enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a cardboard doghouse it was really easy and it took me probably about 20 minutes! ;D



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    5 years ago

    Thank you;)


    5 years ago

    Very cool idea! Dogs, as you probably know already, like to have a space that's their own.