Making a Binford Tools Sign




Introduction: Making a Binford Tools Sign

Making this sign was a blast. The software used was Inkscape and Jscut - both free programs! A snip of part of the Binford text was found online and brought into Inkscape. Once in Inkscape a bitmap trace was made. The smaller text was then added from the font selection within Inkscape. The design was then saved as an SVG file and opened up in Jscut. is a really cool CAM program that runs in the browser so there's nothing to download. The tool paths were set in Jscut and the g-code was then saved and opened up in Mach3.

The CNC machine is a very small 3040 unit. The wood was just two pieces of pine glued together. Regular black Rustoleum was used and then coated with a few layers of shellac.

The video shows the whole process. Thanks for taking a look!

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