Making a Bucket

Introduction: Making a Bucket

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That is one of my old projects. So i hope i could explain how i made it :) ingredients:
- old useless magazines
- tape
- glue

Step 1: The Circle

Draw a circle (as big as you want)
Then cut it from bt 5 magazines so it will become thicker

Step 2: Rolling

Roll magazine papers which are you liked.

Step 3: Columns of Bucket

Take 5 magazines that you already rolled. And glue them to the circle

Step 4: Sides of Bucket

Take all of your rolled magazine papers and put them together through each other. LIKE THE PICTURE

Step 5: To the Final

Take the piece you just made (it has to be too long),
And start to rotate it.
When you come the columns, you have to do it by over-under-over-under (you can see that in the picture)

Step 6: Final

You have your own bucket. I use it for my cases and stuff.

BTW, sorry for my English and you can ask me if you couldn't understand from the pictures. Enjoy ! :)

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    Thank you! yeah it'd be fit for them too :))