Making a Clay Pinch Pot!




So here is an instructable on how to make a pinch pot with clay! (You can buy it online or at crafting stores). Read and enjoy! (If you enjoy, please subscribe

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Step 1: Gather Suplies

You will need

- tool with pointy end(optional)
-clay (I used Funke brand)
-your hand!(if you don't want your hands to get nasty I suggest using gloves of some sort)

Step 2: Portioning the Clay

Tear off a chunk of clay from the block(as big as you want your pot)

Step 3: Building Up

Roll out the clay into a ball. Press a deep hole into the clay with your thumb, and pinch the clay on the sides if the hole up, to make your pot taller and wider. Once you are satisfied with it, flip over the pot and gently press so that the pot is not lopsided.

Step 4: This Is It!

Well, this is your pot! You can see some extra steps below, or you wish to be finished, just set it on a high shelf for a week to dry. Once dry, you can take it to a kiln and fire it, glaze it, and fire it again, or just paint the dried pot. See extra steps below!

Step 5:

Step 6: *extra Step* Add a Pop of Design!!!

Go ahead and go pointy tool I mentioned earlier and grab it. Make a design on the side ( or inside!) of the pot. Go crazy with this! Please!

Step 7: FÏŃÌŠHÈD!¡!¡

This is my finished pot; glazed and all. Here y'all go!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Subscribe !


    5 years ago

    Well, I use the bigger ones for stuff like jewlry and the smaller ones for storing essential oil. When they are glazed and fired they are gorgeous, so some are decorations :):)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job explaining the process :) Do you use the pots you've made to store things or more for decoration?


    5 years ago

    Please fallow me if u enjoy my instructable, I only hope they are benificial. :(