Making a Bracelet (fishtail) Without Looming

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Intro: Making a Bracelet (fishtail) Without Looming

This is my first instructable! So i hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Materials You Need:

•any amount of loom bands you want.
•any kind of clip. (eg. C clip or s clip)
•and your two fingers!

Step 2:

Start with placing a single band on your two fingers like this. Sorry for the bad quality image.

Step 3:

Add two more bands on top of the previous one.

Step 4:

Then pull the first band to the top on both sides. It will end up looking like this.

Step 5:

Then repeat step 4 until it is long enough but instead of putting 2 at a time, put 1 at a time. :)

Step 6:

When you feel that it is long enough, take the bottom sides of the band and do step 4. You don't have to put any more bands on.

Step 7:

All you got to do is to put a S clip or any clip you have on the remaining 2 bands. Connect it to the start of your bracelet and enjoy wearing it!



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