Making a USB Gum Drive




Hi, I will show you how to make a USB Gum Drive out of a chewing gum paper :)

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Step 1: Get Gum

-A full/empty pack of Wrigley's Extra Fire Sugarfree Gum.
-A USB Flash Drive
-A knife
-A rubber band that is about the same length as the drive

Step 2: Cut Your Gum Packet

Measure the length of your drive and cut your gum packet accordingly. Be sure to use a sharp knife and make sure there is sufficient remainder to make a little lid flap if you want one.

Step 3: Roll a Rubber Band Around Drive

Line up the gum carcass and the drive to check for any potential insertion problems.
Then you need to find your self a rubber band that is about the same length as the drive, perhaps a little longer. Once complete this drive will genuinely feel like it contains gum. Secondly it offers resistance preventing the drive coming free from its gum carcass.

Step 4: Finishing It Up

You are only going to get one shot at this insertion so make sure that the band is wrapped in the right places. It should enter the carcass without too much resistance (expect some). Once you have your drive inserted you will probably want to highlight the form of the gums inside, this will again help to secure the drive, and your DONE!

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