Animation of Tinkercad Design

About: I am a novice cad designer and I own a modified cube 3, modified r1+, and a modified SD4. I design things in tinkercad and fusion 360. I also am into programming and most recently arduino. More projects comi...

I was working on a bubble machine in tinkercad and decided that a animation would be cool so this is how I did it.

This is just a gif the actual video quality is better.

Step 1: Tools I Used

  • Tinkercad
  • Fusion 360

Step 2: Different Colors

Make sure all parts are different colors.

Because OBJ separates colors.

Step 3: Download

Download OBJ file from tinkercad

Step 4: Inserting File

Hit insert mesh to put your file into fusion

Step 5: Convert

Convert each mesh to BRep

Step 6: Adding Color

Add colors by clicking appearance and dragging them onto it

Step 7: Animating

Animate by rotating componets move to point you want them to stay rotating until the less the faster.

Step 8: Save

Save to computer with publish button



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