Making Anti-theft Piggy Bank.




Intro: Making Anti-theft Piggy Bank.

Do you have a piggy bank at home?

There are sensors on the piggy bank to prevent theft.

Step 1: Materials. Piggy Bank


- Buzzer

- 3V coin Battery

- Micro-Switches

- Piggy bank

Step 2: Electrical Circuits . Pressing the Switch Turns Off.

1. Connect the 3V battery (+) and buzzer(+).

2. Connect the 3V battery (-) and Micro-swirches.

3. Connect the buzzer(-) and Micro-swirches.

4. Pressing the M-switch turns OFF.

Step 3: Complete. Use a Glue Gun to Attach.

Use a glue gun to attach.


Step 4: Video



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    3 Discussions

    Nice basic security system. This would also work for just about anything else that you want to secure (or prank) like journal, your favorite dessert, or anything else.

    2 replies