Making Anti-theft Piggy Bank.




Introduction: Making Anti-theft Piggy Bank.

Do you have a piggy bank at home?

There are sensors on the piggy bank to prevent theft.

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Step 1: Materials. Piggy Bank


- Buzzer

- 3V coin Battery

- Micro-Switches

- Piggy bank

Step 2: Electrical Circuits . Pressing the Switch Turns Off.

1. Connect the 3V battery (+) and buzzer(+).

2. Connect the 3V battery (-) and Micro-swirches.

3. Connect the buzzer(-) and Micro-swirches.

4. Pressing the M-switch turns OFF.

Step 3: Complete. Use a Glue Gun to Attach.

Use a glue gun to attach.


Step 4: Video

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice basic security system. This would also work for just about anything else that you want to secure (or prank) like journal, your favorite dessert, or anything else.


    Reply 3 years ago

    could i get this to work on my xbox pad as a college project??