Making Baby Boots (leather) With Sewn in Socks From an Old Muffler



Introduction: Making Baby Boots (leather) With Sewn in Socks From an Old Muffler

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You need

-soft leather,

-an old muffler (with a faux sheep coat texture)

-simple cotton cloth to make the lining,

-scissors, pins, measuring tape and ruler, elastic thread

-tracing chalk

-shoe pattern (I created my pattern inspired by other patterns)


Step 1: Draw and Cut Out the Pattern

I looked up several patterns to make a boot and I came up with the simplest method. I already had some patterns in my collection and so I just adjusted it to fit this project.I am not a professional and I just started sewing projects and I am trying to make projects to improve my sewing. I have followed no rules. I just used my instincts to put this project together. Since I intended to make a long warm sock inside the boot and found no videos with this specific tutorial, I had to do it my way. I hope you will get something good out of this tutorial. I also accept corrections.

Step 2: Using the Pattern to Cut Out the Pieces From the Material

Note: You have to economize your leather. Try to place your pattern on it like you would a puzzle.

Fold the leather into a fold. Make sure you place your pattern on the wrong side to cut. You can hold the leather down with pins if it becomes difficult to work on. Cut the same with the muffler except for the neck of the boot which will have an additional measurement. To the width of the inner soft lining (muffler), add 8 cm.

Step 3: Sew the Cotton Lining and the Neck Piece of the Leather Together

When sewing these two pieces together, turn them on the wrong sides and sew on the wrong side

Step 4: Making the Soft Inner Lining

sew the sole and upper part together and leave a gap at the back

Step 5: Like This

Step 6: Holding the Cotton Lining and the Leather Neck Together

After making the half a centimeter stitch to join together the neck of the leather boot, fold them into the good side and do a top stitch to hold both pieces together.

Look at the images.

Step 7:

Sew the neck of the leather part to the upper toe piece.

Then join the sole to the and leave a GAP of about an inch on the back of the shoe.

Step 8: Make an Elastic Attachment for the Back of the Shoe

I remembered to put elastic in the boot for easy wear and so to solve this I decided to add a triangular piece to which I attached elastic reinforced with a double stitch on both ends (that is, where I made the top stitch).

There will be some extra material at the edged which won't be useful. Trim them and leave allowance enough to attach the triangular parts.

Attach these triangular pieces to the 1 inch space you left on the back of the shoe. Sew the diagonal angles, before you finish by sewing the sole and the neck again, this time, doubling the stitches.

Step 9: Et Voila!

Here, you have a complete boot. You could put this on your baby's feet without adding the inner sock-lining, but this is a 'sew warm' tutorial and the sock is included. Now let's continue making the sock to fit into the boot.

Step 10:

In the requirements earlier, I mentioned elastic thread. This is the moment when you will change your thread and adjust your your selector wheel (stitch length) to 3 so that it is not too loose or too tight and the stitch width to 3. if it is too tight, the thread will cut very often.

I haven't trimmed the neck of this lining but I will.

I drew 2 lines on the good side if the lining. The 1st line is 4cm from the sole upward and the 2nd line is 7cm from the 1st line. Trim the extra material and sew over those lines and reinforce the edges with your lever.

I said earlier that I am open to suggestions from anyone who can offer one. I intended to make a sock that can be pulled right up to the baby's knee and I also wanted the sock to be bendable, so it covers the upper part of the boot.

Step 11:

I hemmed the top edge of the neck of the lining and sewed a strip of a width of about a cm and length of 66 cm. To make the length, I cut two strips of 33 cm and joined together to form the long one.I made it from the same material in which the leather boot's lining was made (the cotton cloth).

The last phase is the back part of sock lining. I didn't want it to look unfinished , so I cut a strip of cloth (4 cm) from the same old muffler and used it to make a bias bind.

With the hem done, I attached a safety pin to the strip and put it through the hole on the upper hem of the neck. You will see the results in the next pics.

Step 12: Almost There...

At this stage, the shoe is complete. All that's left to be done is to fit the lining into the the boot and make it fit.

Step 13: 'Enfin!'

Just as I have done in the pictures above, place the leather boot opposite the soft lining and sew the tips of the areas.

From the leather boot, swallow up the lining, turning the wrong side in and the good side out. Use a scissors to stretch out the edges that still stick in. When you are done, You can say to yourself " Enfin!".

This is not a professional's job, but if you wanted something cool and warm for your 6 to 9 month old baby, try this. Thanks for following this tutorial all through. I am open to suggestions and critics, like I said. Show me your works if you tried this tutorial. Chao!

Step 14: Your Warm Comfy Baby Boots With the Elastic for Easy Fit.

I hope these shoes keep your little puddle warm.

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