Making Baskets From Newspaper.





Introduction: Making Baskets From Newspaper.

We are a family who is into crafting, and this is not mine, but my mother's latest project: Making baskets and other items from old newspaper. She was shown this kind of crafting at the adult day care where I work and where she goes to.

Step 1: Preparing the Newspaper.

First of all, the newspaper is folded crosswise into quarters, then cut into strips. Using a bamboo skewer begin rolling the newspaper into a long tube, and glue the end down. Set aside to dry. Keep doing this until there are a lot of newspaper tubes.

Step 2: Making Coils.

Next, once the tubes are dry and ready to use, Take the long narrow newspaper tube and carefully wrap it around a larger tube to make the coil: Empty glue stick tubes are ideal forms for this. Begin by wrapping the end around the glue stick tube, then applying a drop of white glue to the paper.

Step 3: Roll the Newspaper Tube Fully Around the Glue Stick Tube.

Once the end is glued to the body of the newspaper tube, continue to wrap it around until it forms a complete ring. Add a drop of white glue to the end and glue it down. Carefully slide off the ring and set it aside. And keep on making more rings. Next, make a mixture of equal parts of white glue and water in a bowl, dip the rings into the mixture, both sides, and set aside on a plastic sheet to dry.

Step 4: Assembly of Baskets. Bases.

Once the rings are dry, it's time to make the base of the basket. The rings can be glued together, like the second pic... Or wound around into an oval or circular solid base. Hot glue is used here to glue the rings together, whereas white glue is used for solid wound base.

Step 5: Building Upward.

Now, start building upward: Take the finished rings and begin gluing it to the base. To make the foot of the basket pictured here, make a large full circle then gently press down on the center to give it a cupped shape. Then coat both sides of the foot with the white glue/water mixture and let dry. Hot glue the first set of rings to the base, then glue the second tier down offset(As in the picture) on top of the first row of rings. The basket can be roughly shaped while the hot glue is still a little warm. Keep going until it is as high as you want it.

Step 6: Finishing Off the Basket.

To finish the basket, and protect it as well, mix together equal parts of white glue, water, and acrylic paint(White or grey will do for this undercoat) and use a paintbrush to coat both the inside and outside with this mixture. Set aside to dry: Then using either acrylic paint or spray paint, paint it however you want. Once the paint dries, apply a coat of clear coat for further protection. A lot of videos showing how to do this is on youtube, under "How to make a basket out of newspaper". And for the record, my mother made this particular basket. I am also working on one of my own.



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    Can you use a chop stick?

    That is a very nice vase and to think it was made from newspaper. Your mother did a really nice job on it. I also like the color.

    This is such a good idea.

    I'm totally making it

    Nobody would think that is from newspaper!

    Beautiful effect! I liked how you colored it!

    Have a nice day!

    I can't say that this instr. is great. It took a bit to figure out. But I did get it & am thrilled with the craft. I am going to make this one. Love concept of where you could go with. Thank you

    What a wonderful idea! Your tutorial is great, very basic and yet detailed for those of us who *ahem* aren't so great at crafting but are trying really hard :-) I can't wait to do this! Your Mum did this so well, too. I can only hope mine looks as good as hers! I voted for you :-)

    I love it. So simple to make. This would be a great rainy day craft for anyone. Your Mum did a great job.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the comment. my mom is 84 years young and STILL going strong!