Making Beer Labels - Easy DIY

Introduction: Making Beer Labels - Easy DIY

Whether you are a master brewer or just getting started with your first batches, chances are you are going to want to create some awesome labels. Most will agree that the only thing better than enjoying your work of art is giving it away to friends and colleagues.

DYI Labels Easily With Great Tools

I use an amazing t-shirt design tool from RushOrderTees. They have a killer studio with a lot of great art, big font selection, and the studio is super user friendly - anybody can make great designs no matter how much experience you have. If you really love the craft beer scene and want to step up your game you can even decide to make your own shirts to match your label!

Once your design is done, grab a screenshot of the image (see next steps)...

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Step 1: Design Your Label & Take a Screenshot

Checkout all of the great clipart from the categories in the design studio or do a search for a topic. You can also upload images or vectors to be used. When choosing your fonts and colors, check out the cool arch and text background color features as these add a lot of character to the design.

Once you love your design, take a screenshot of just the print portion so you only see what will be on the label. You can use the standard screen shot method or a preferred tool like snagit or screen hunter. Paste the design on a word doc and prepare for print! (see next steps..)

Step 2: Paste Your Screenshot in a Word Doc

Once you have taken the screenshot and cropped to your liking, paste your design in a word doc or similar page. You can size to fit your bottle as needed. Notice that you can copy and paste the design to get multiple prints on the same page.

Once you have made sure you are not printing in grey-scale, assuming you have already set that as a default to save money on printer ink, then it's time to print and cutout to paste on your bottles.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Designs & Paste on Bottles

Now you have printed your sheets in bulk, after testing a page to make sure it looks just right and that it doesn't have any spelling errors, the next step is to cut out the labels and paste them to the bottles.

The best paste I've seen comes in the bulk bag that kids buy for preschool, though you can use the standard Elmer's, gorilla glue, or duct tape if you are in a bind. Another option is to buy a beer labels that match your design size and just stick the labels on (figure about 6-cents per label). I recommend for blank or printed, you can simply upload your design and have them shipped printed if you want something really nice.

Now that you have your beer labeled and are feeling confident that you can convince everyone to try a beer that you brewed yourself, let them understand first-hand about the benefits of home-brewing and just how fantastic the beer actually tastes.

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    4 years ago

    Great idea!! Can't wait to try this on some Christmas brews.


    4 years ago

    Nice and simple. Great idea, thanks!