Making Breakfast Burritos

Introduction: Making Breakfast Burritos

Everything you need to make this is:12 eggs (feeds four people with left over eggs) salt,pepper,1 pound of sausage and cheese.

step 1:Crack all 12 eggs into a mixing bowl.

step 2:Mix eggs until all are mixed together then add your salt and pepper (as much as you like).

step 3:Start cooking sausage in a pan until red is gone then pour in the eggs.

step 4:Cook eggs and sausage until all the eggs are scrambled and solid and all red is gone in the meat.

step 5:Dice two tomatoes to add to the eggs (not yet though).

step 6:Heat tortillas on a open flame or in a microwave for atleast 20 seconds.

step 7:Put the eggs with the tortilla then add your cheese,tomatoes,hot sauce and anything else you like.

step 8:Fold into burrito and enjoy

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Don't be surprised when you come to Texas to find these are called tacos, not burritos. Unless you ask for a crispy taco (or eat at the national taco chains), tacos in Texas always come in soft corn or flour tortillas. So yours would be on the menu as a breakfast taco. And most places that specialize in tacos do not really distinguish between breakfast tacos and others because they are all served all day long. Come on down and see for yourself!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like to also either fry a few potatoes or get some of the frozen potatoes O'brian. Bake/fry the potatoes while your prepping the eggs