Making Charcoal at Home. Free DIY Fuel





Introduction: Making Charcoal at Home. Free DIY Fuel

Charcoal is a main fuel for my metal melting furnace. This time I want to share how I usually make it.

Step 1: Preparing Firewood and Starting a Fire

To make charcoal I use all the wood I have. No matter if it's dry or wet. I load firewood in steel containers, add some gasoline and start a fire.

Step 2: It's Time to Close Containers

After some time time (in my case it was approx 2.5 hours) it was time to close containers. No air should get inside!

Step 3: Got Perfect Charcoal

After 24 hours I opened containers. Only the upper layer of firewood didn't become charcoal. All other firewood became perfect charcoal. This quantity will be enough for 4-5 aluminum (brass, copper) melting in my smelting furnace.



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    4 Discussions

    How much wood do you start with, and how much charcoal do you end up with?

    1 reply

    Hi. I should say that this method is very efficient. You lose very small quantity. Because of the container, not a lot of air get inside. There is not enough oxygen to burn underlayer.


    1 year ago

    Not to sure about the gasoline part, but other then that, it is a good idea.

    1 reply

    Thanks. Why are you not sure about gasoline? It's just to ignite wet wood. :) I always add it even with dry wood. It works the same as any other lighting fluid. :)