Making Friends


Introduction: Making Friends

My brother Steven and I were making a film for a competition thing, but it become something lovelier and here it is for you to see. I have told you before, but knitting and birds are some of my favourite things. Outside it becomes morning, we stayed up all night for some nights to make this.



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    F is for friends that do stuff together. U is for U and me. N is for anywhere and anytime at all, deep in, the deep blue seaaaaaa!!!! :P (Stolen from Spongebob Squarepants.) Awesome video by the way.

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    Also, just saying, for it to be in the LionBrand Yarn challenge, it has to be in Slideshow format, not video or Instructable format.

    oh shall i take it off then? i am in australia so i cant win the prizes anyway, i just thought it was because it was yarn. i like the song.

    I guess... I'm not really sure though. Because I just know they have to be in Slideshow format. :P

    I'll give that a +1. Very nice work on the video. Perhaps you could post the pattern for the bird.