Making Graphics for a Scratch Racing Game

Introduction: Making Graphics for a Scratch Racing Game

This tutorial will show you how to make a racing game inside of Scratch.

Step 1: Before Starting You Need...

PowerPoint: Purchase for Mac or PC.

Scratch: Free at

Step 2: Making the Backgrounds.

1) Use the free draw tool and draw the track.
2) Make sure that you leave room in the middle for the variable "Timer". Also make sure that you make it big enough so the car can get through.
3) The racing tracks are stored in the stage sprite inside of Scratch.
4) Be sure to name each background as level 1 or level , so you know when it comes to programming which one is which.

Step 3: Background Tips

1) DO NOT make the start and finish words on the track.
*THe reason for this is if you make a mistake on the track it is hard to fix it. Also in Scratch, it only allows one text per sprite.
2) Last but not least. Make it look WAY COOL

Step 4: Win and Lose Screen

1) The "you win" and "you lose" screens should be made in the background tab under the stage sprite.
2) Make sure the message is Clear, Concise, and Convincing.
3) Use colorful gradients, and draw by hand!

Step 5: Making the Racer Car Graphic

1) Make your racer graphic inside of PowerPoint, like this one.
2) Make it eye popping, so people can see it from far away.
3) Use gradient colors like in the win and lose screens.
4) Draw the graphic by hand. Don't use the circle tool to make a circle, draw it and then if you don't like it, edit it.
5) Once you are all done, select all your racer shapes and go to draw and click ground.

Step 6: Converting Graphic

1) After the graphic has been grouped and saved as a slide show. You have to save it as a JPEG file, so it can be imported into Scratch.
2) First go to the file and go to save as... Next where it says format there should be a drop-down menu and there should be a JPEG option. Chose JPEG and save.

Step 7: Importing Graphics Into Scratch

1)Once you are all done making graphics in PowerPoint, it's time to import them into Scratch.
2)In Scratch find the folder button right above the sprite box, and find the file you want to import.
3)WHen its's all done the graphic should appear in the sprite box.
4)After the graphic is imported correctly, then you can program it.

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