Making Halloween Costumes(Vampire)

Introduction: Making Halloween Costumes(Vampire)

Using a few cheap and easy to find things you cam make a vampire costume.

Step 1: What You Need

Here are the stuff you need for the costume:

  White dress shirt
  Black pants
  Black socks
  Black shoes
  Remnant of black fabric or the cape, or cape already made from a fabric or craft store
  Hair gel
  Fake fangs
  White, black, and red make-up
  Bow tie (optional)

Step 2: Shirt, Cape, Pants, Socks, and Shoes

 Dress your child or yourself in the shirt, and button it all the way up. Finish the basic clothing with the pants, sock, and shoes. Drape the black fabric or cape over shoulders and secure with a pin or ties at the neck.

Step 3: Hair

Slick hair down with gel, part severely down the middle and comb away from face.

Step 4: Make-Up

Using white make-up, go over entire face, including under eyes. Using black make-up, create a “widow’s peak” at the hairline, centered over nose. Using red make-up, draw drops of blood around mouth, and dripping down one side.

Step 5: Final Touches

Insert fake fangs, put on the bow, and get ready for some Halloween fun!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, Satwikp! Good first instructable! Try to elaborate and use more pictures especially on the make-up steps. Also in the materials list, dont put the yellow boxes in the middle of another yellow box. you cannot see what you said in those. other than those, good job!