Making Hot Wings: the Evolution


Introduction: Making Hot Wings: the Evolution

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Some time ago, I posted a process for making hot wings. It got featured, and proved to be fairly popular. However, my methods have actually evolved since then, so I thought I'd share a video showing how I've been making these delicious delicacies recently. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave me any comments and questions you might have.



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    Orange Marmalade....
    (Insert Homer Simpson sound effect)
    That sounds so good.

    That's just how they happened to come in this particular bag. I buy them in large frozen bags from Sam's Club. The size tends to be all over the place from bag to bag.

    I don't usually watch videos but your sauce intriqued me, I've never thought of using perserves but it does sound really good, If you check out my pb and j ible you'll see I HAVE mixed hotsauce and jam together, just not in a sauce. I'm not a fan of wings but I do enjoy (homemade) diablo tenders (I only use the red water for muscle aches) I've found that if you heat the butter first and get rid of most of the moisture the hot sauce blends in without an emulsifier

    I really like this video! Sounds like an interesting recipe. I wonder if mustard would work in place of honey as an emulsifier to cut on the sweet.

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    I've tried that, and I think mustard adds too much of its own pungency, though that's just my taste. If you want to leave out the honey, the butter itself has some emulsifiers in it, so you can stir it in more slowly, one pat at a time, and it'll probably work.