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Introduction: Making Jewelry With Snap Fit Findings

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Making stud or post style earrings with snap-fit findings is very easy and is entirely suitable for any beginner to making jewely.  If fact this project is so easy that a five year old can do it and many five year olds have.  Once you have purchased the parts to make these earrings all you need is the ability to pick-up and hold a toothpick and you will be able to make these earrings.  In this instructable we will show the steps involved in making these earrings.

You can find more information on this jewelry making technique here. 

You can view a You Tube Video on how to make these earrings here. 

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Step 1: Materials Required:

The parts required to make these snap fit earrings are:

o  One pair of snap-fit earring findings (for your first pair, we suggest using 6mm round snap fit findings.)

o  Two gemstones to match your earring findings (If you have 6mm round snap-fit findings, you will want to purchase 6mm round gemstones.)

o  One pair of ear clutches to attach to the post on the earrings when they are worn. 

All of the jewelry making supplies to make these earrings can be found here.

Step 2: Position the Gemstone

Begin making these earrigns by placing your gemstone with the flat side (called the pavilion) down onto a table or cutting board as shown in this picture. 

Step 3: Pick Up and Position Your Earring Finding

Now grasp one of your ear wire findings by the post and center the prongs of the finding over the top of your gemstone as shown. 

Step 4: Push the Finding Until It Snaps Into Position

Push down symmetrically on the finding until all the prongs in the finding are snaped into position grasping the girdle or the largest diameter of the gemstone.  You should hear a click as all the prongs snap into position.  If you have done this correctly all the prongs in your earring finding will be gripping the gemstone evenly and symmetrically.  The stone should be held in place firmly by the finding.  If one or more of the prongs is not snapped into position, continue pushing down on the finding, until all the prongs have snapped into place. 

Step 5: Inspect and Correct Any Problems

Hold the earring in your hand or in your bent chain nose pliers and inspect the results.  You may find that one or more prongs isn't set tightly against your gemstone and may need to be pushed down.  Sometimes you will be able to push an individual tab at the end of a prong down with a finger.  You will probably find that using bent chain nose pliers or stone setting pliers will work better.  You can view free instructions on how to use stone setting pliers here.

Step 6: Add the Ear Clutch

To finish these earrings you only need to add the ear clutch to the end of the earring post.

Step 7: Summary

This is a jewelry making project that can be accomplished in about 5 minutes.  It is entirely suitable for beginners and is also suitable for children aged 5 and older. 

You can find detailed jewelry making instructions for this project here.

You can find links to purchase the materials involved in this jewelry making project here.

You can find many similar jewelry making projects, also suitable for beginners here.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    works wonderfully !! buy the correct size and use a flat surface with a towel or soft cloth to protect your stone. many jewelry supply companies sell the it and several should Fire Mountain ,ect....,


    where do you get your findings? i cant seem to find any snap fit findings


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    We sell findings on our WigJig Web site. You can view our selection of findings from the following web page:

    You can also purchase findings over the Internet from Rio Grande, Fire Mountain Gems, Jewelry, Fusion Beads, Soft Flex Company, and many more vendors.

    Now for the real answer. I make most of the findings that I use. With the exception of head pins, I make all the ear wires and connectors that I use. You can view how to make your own findings from links on the following web page:

    Gary Helwig