Making Lights Flash





Introduction: Making Lights Flash

Very easy way to make christmas lights or any lights twinkle Just hack one cord and use it anywhere u need



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    Two things, does the lights continue to flash, and could this be used on 12v christmas lights? Thanks :)

    do the lights continue to flash or is it only for a few seconds

    Tested? Not relly. I had those in use about every evening in two weeks, but it still working.

    i would highly suggest soldering here, or else it could be dangerous, o well... very nice instructable. -gamer

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    yes, but its just for example, I used that just for this videoclip thatway and thanks:)

    A housing for a starter is not that expensive and would avoid that "cringely" (as in: Making me cringe) winding of wires and using tape on a high-voltage connection. Otherwise: Nice find!

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