Making Living Room for Barbie Dollhouse (leather Sofa)




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Hello everyone, I continuous equipment doll house room with the living room !

The detailed video :

For the idea, I copied our own living room : A sofa in imitation leather, a coffee table in stone and glass, an ottoman and a flat TV.

Step 1: Couch: the Wooden Structure

For the structure I used 6mm MDF and 22 mm for the armrests.

The pieces are glued and screwed.

Step 2: Couch: the Leather Lining

For coating I used an old imitation leather pants.

It is glued to the wood with a hot glue gun.

The foam is recovered from an exhaust hood filter.

Step 3: Couch: the Seat

For the seat, "leather" is first glue in the corner, then pulled over the foam.

Step 4: The Coffee Table: Structure

I took our coffee table photo and I printed to scale.

Then I glued the pictures on 6mm MDF and I cut this with a scroll saw.

Step 5: The Coffee Table: the Stone

For the rounded shape I used thin plastic.

I stick the double-face adhesive on all sides and I sprinkled sand.

I end with a plexiglass plate affixed with double-face adhesive.

Step 6: The End

And finally, the TV is a photo stuck under plexi.

This room is too small for Barbie pets...

Find making of dollhouse on this link.



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    5 Discussions

    King Ripord

    2 years ago

    You're a true artist! Keep up the good work.


    2 years ago

    toujours aussi chouette, et tellement plus stylé que les meubles officiels Barbie en plastique rose :D

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Merci Riffifi ! Oui et c'est surement plus solide aussi ! Par exemple le canapé fait 650 grs !


    This is really cool. I always love making miniature versions of everyday things. Though in my case it is usually for tabletop gaming.

    1 reply